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We have trained 1,000+ people across multiple industries, including healthcare, mining, finance, videogames, etc., and as far as Seattle, England and Japan. Our trainings are always tailored to our customers' needs and activities or the conferences and seminars in which we are invited. We also offer the possibility to build custom content based on internal maturity and capacity, as well as growth objectives and upcoming projects.

Artificial Intelligence – Executive Training

  • Duration : 1 hour
  • $200/pers.

Executive introduction to artificial intelligence and its impacts, with concrete use cases. Presentation of the transformation methodology for organization and the adoption of AI through actual exemples in large organizations and SME.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

  • Duration: 1h30 to 2h30
  • $250/pers.

This training is an introduction to artificial intelligence and concepts linked to data through concrete examples, as well as the methodology recommended for AI adoption in organizations. It contains: a presentation of what business translation is and its importance in data analaysis and AI. A review of concepts linked to Big Data, data analytics, before defining and explaining the main families of machines learning algorithms (supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning), with actual use cases. An explanation of the limitations of "classic" machine learning algorithms and the introduction to deep learning. A presentation of the methodologie to adopt AI and transform organizations, based on SEED AI success stories.


At SEED AI, we put a strong emphasis on methodology and structure. It is essential to ensure our projects are delivered properly and deliver the desired impact.

Ideation Session

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • $250/pers.

This workshop is a key part of SEED AI's methodology for AI adoption. It pushes organizations to identify the data sources at their disposal, to decompose their business goals and processes into dobale project ideas with added value, and to make the link between these ideas and the data sources identified.

AI Project Structuring Session

  • Duration: 2h to 3h
  • $250/pers.

AI projects require the participations of many stakeholders (e.g. domain experts, AI experts, IT support, etc.) and often require changes to processes or ways to do things. To ensure that all success factors for a project are present and ensure the ROI, SEED AI has created unique methodological tools shared with our customers through this workshop. During the workshop, we define the business problem/need, the existing process, the desired solution/process, the estimated ROI, the required data sets, the dependencies on legacy systems, etc.